Eating Tours of Japan’s Most Famous Places! #005

[Sotokanda] Kanda Shrine and Amazake

Kanda Shrine is situated in a location that overlooks the urban center of Akihabara. This shrine was established and constructed some 1,300 years ago to pay homage to the tutelary deity of Kanda, which was part of the lands of Ise Shrine. The shrine was relocated to its current location in the Edo period and it became frequented as a site of worship for the tutelary deity of Edo. It is famous today as the site of the Kanda Festival, one of the three largest festivals of Edo.

The local specialty dish in front of Kanda Shrine is amazake.


The amazake served here is not the simple kind where sake lee is diluted in water; instead it is authentic amazake made by glycating rice with rice malt. It is a truly special kind of amazake enjoyed hot in the winter and chilled in the summer.

Kanda Shrine is just a short distance from Akihabara and definitely worth the side trip!