Japan’s finest Tekka Maki made with Misaki tuna

▼【Event summary】

This community event in Miura City, involving both young and old alike, was held to create Japan’s longest ever Tekka Maki as a symbol of the city’s gastronomic culture.

With Misaki Shitamachi Shopping Street the venue, this year 90kg of locally caught tuna, 230kg of cooked white rice and 555 meters of seaweed sheets were prepared to tackle the challenge of making a Tekka Maki measuring 555 meters in length.

▼Rolling commentary of the event

Some 1,260 participants stood along the length of the tables set up in the shopping street ready to roll. The venue was set up flawlessly, corners and all.

Makisu mats were laid out together with sheets of seaweed to form a set.

The children were really excited as they had never seen such a long norimaki in their lives.

Participants placed vinegared rice atop the seaweed sheets.

Everyone was really focused on placing the rice neatly in the right place.

Atop this participants added the heart of the roll, or the locally caught tuna.

The tuna was laid neatly atop the vinegared rice, forming a red path.

Finally, participants began to roll the Tekka Maki.

Everyone rolled together at the same time.

The makisu mats were again placed under the finished Tekka Maki.

The long direct line of the newly rolled glossy Tekka Maki was quite a beautiful sight.

Finally, it was time for the climax.


The finished Tekka Maki was lifted by all 1,260 participants.

Finally, everyone helped themselves to the deliciously prepared Tekka Maki.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Tekka Maki made with a hearty helping of Misaki tuna.