Maitake – The Super Mushroom

The maitake mushroom was considered a “phantom mushroom” because until very recently it was almost impossible to grow artificially. Maitake mushrooms not only boast one of the best flavors and fragrances of any mushroom out there, they are also very nutritious. I really can’t take my eyes off those delectable maitake mushrooms.

One of the reasons for their reputation as a rare commodity can be traced back to the Edo period when maitake mushrooms were worth their weight in silver. It is said that the name maitake (literally “soaring mushroom”) originates from stories where people would literally “jump for joy” when they found one because of their rarity and value. There is another story that says the name maitake originated from the fact that they look just like a butterfly flying up into the air.

Today, maitake can be purchased at your neighborhood supermarket. I can’t help but feel happy to be born in such a lucky time in history.

Highball and maitake tempura are a perfect combination. The taste is so great that you won’t ever forget this one-two punch.

Surrender yourself to this amazing seasonal taste!