Japanese Grapes

Grapes have always had a close relationship with humankind since before the Common Era.

During the Meiji period and the time of cultural enlightenment, countless varieties of grapes were imported from France (European varieties) and the United States (American varieties). However, little advancements were made in cultivation techniques and many crops were lost because the climate was not suitable.

Only the American variety known as vitis labursca took to Japan’s climate. Gradually it spread to every part of Japan and has developed as the main variety.

Later, European varieties were developed mainly in Okayama Prefecture using greenhouses, while in Takada, Niigata Prefecture, the famous grape for winemaking called Muscat Bailey A was developed after breeding two other varieties together.

Do you know how many grape varieties are grown in Japan? 

How many of these have you eaten?

Truly a huge number of grape varieties can be found in Japan. They say there are several hundred varieties, but there could actually be more.

Just like the stars, a number of grape varieties have been born and disappeared. Only several varieties have finished the journey and become mainstay.

Grapes have vivid colors and a sweet taste.

This taste varies ever so slightly between varieties so much so that even a blindfolded expert would likely have little success telling them apart. What variety of grapes will you eat in the future?