The Power of Shiitake Mushrooms can Make Your Life Better!

Shiitake mushrooms appear on dining tables everywhere in Japan regardless of the season. The origin of the name shiitake is believed to be the word shikitake, which literally means “four season mushroom.” This is because shiitake mushrooms grow throughout the year in any season.

The word shikitake is believed to been changed to today’s pronunciation of shiitake.

There is another theory that the name shiitake originated from the fact that these mushrooms used to grow frequently in nature on the shiinoki, or beech tree. Shiitake is the mushroom species with the longest cultivation history, which can be traced all the way back to the Kanei period. However, shiitake were not widely eaten until the Muromachi period.

In this manner, shiitake mushrooms have been an essential element of Japanese cuisine for some time.

It’s rather unique that such a common food and affordably priced foods has such a history behind it.

Nowadays, it’s really hard to find a sound nutritional balance with the Westernized food we eat. However, traditional Japanese cuisine is known as a tool that makes it easy to achieve a nutritional balance.

Shiitake mushrooms contain a wealth of vitamin D which is excellent for people who are easily stressed, people who are concerned about their weight or constipation, and people who tend to get sick a lot.

Shiitake mushrooms are used in a wide range of dishes, including tempura, wandane, hot pots and stir fries. Shiitake mushrooms can also be fried with butter or quickly seared over a flame and eaten with ponzu sauce. Be sure to try these wonder mushrooms with alcohol for an extra boost in getting rid of your fatigue and stress, both in terms of feeling and nutrition.

All of you people living and working hard in today’s modern world need to take advantage of the power that shiitake mushrooms offer.