Proverb of food #006

Don’t Feed Your Spouse Autumn Eggplant

Meaning 1: “It’d be a waste to feed delicious eggplant to a hateful spouse”
Meaning 2: “Don’t feed autumn eggplant to your beloved spouse because it will chill their body”
Meaning 3: “Autumn eggplant shouldn’t be eaten because of the superstition that it cannot have offspring since it has few seeds”

Generally, meaning one is a complaint used by a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law, but this is a rather terrible thing to say to someone.

Meaning two and meaning three are probably used to camouflage the true meaning, which is meaning one.

Incidentally, this begs the question why call eggplant, normally a summertime vegetable, autumn eggplant.

At the end of summer after the Obon festival, when the mornings and nights have a hint of autumn in the air, eggplants become even more tasty and have tighter packed flesh thanks to the temperature differences between the hot day and cool night.

Eggplants are also more than 90% water, so they are one of the best summertime vegetables to cool off your body. This makes them a perfect food for particularly hot days when you need to dissipate the heat.

It’s too cruel not to let an adorable spouse eat a delicious and tightly packed autumn eggplant just because of a mean mother-in-law.

In this case, there is really nothing else for you to do.

“Just don’t let a mother-in-law know that their daughter-in-law ate autumn eggplant.”