Sticky Mushroom for Your Beauty and Health

Since long ago, mushrooms have been considered an edible form of medicine. It is an excellent food source that invigorates our body just like medicine. There are many types of mushrooms out there, and they are mostly known as a staple of autumn among. People enjoy their fragrance as well as their taste. This wonderful food ingredient offers great health benefits and is garnering a great deal of attention today.

Mushrooms have been in existence long before humans walked the earth. Japan has a natural environment suitable for mushrooms to grow. In fact, there are over 2,000 types of mushrooms that grow naturally in Japan and they have a long history in the Japanese culinary scene with mention in many forms of literature. In the past, people would pick mushrooms in the wild as needed. Nowadays, ones that are easily cultivated have become readily available on the market.

There are currently 15 varieties of farmed mushrooms available, but with advances in research, we may see more varieties in the future.
In this article, I’d like to talk about nameko, which is a type of mushroom, characterized by its special sliminess and crispness. It is often used in soups and cold marinated appetizers with grated radish.

Nameko contains trehalose, a compound known to help keep our skin supple and prevent osteoporosis. Trehalose is a glucose compound found in all parts of a mushroom. It is naturally occurring, and is even incorporated into some cosmetic products. Nameko is particularly rich in trehalose.

Indeed, trehalose, which preserves our bone health and protects our skin from dryness, is something that women in particular should actively consume.

The health benefits of nameko are mainly from the slime of the mushroom. Therefore, don’t shy away from eating up all that ooey gooey. Japan’s many slimy foods are actually full of nutrients that are excellent for our health. For those who cannot eat natto, maybe nameko is something you can try.

We’re entering into the season that is great for hiking. As you go up the mountain, you will see lots of wild growing mushrooms. There is a type of mushroom called nigakuritake that looks very much like nameko. Unfortunately, you can’t grow in size or strength by eating a wild mushroom like this one, as you would expect from playing Mario Brothers. Please get your mushrooms from a store instead.