A Persimmon will Cure What Ails You

The persimmon is one of Japan’s best known fruits of autumn.

The persimmon is said to have been originally grown in Japan. Around the 16th century this fruit spread around the world and even today many people know it as “kaki.”

Persimmon is believed to have various positive health effects, including preventing colds and preventing high blood pressure.

Persimmon contains a large amount of vitamin C, carotene, minerals and dietary fiber. It also contains cryptoxanthin and lycopene, both of which are types of carotene and are believed to help prevent cancer.

Another familiar and highly effective use of persimmon is to remedy a hangover.

Tannin, or the source of a persimmon’s puckery taste, effectively helps to breakdown the ingredients of alcohol, which as we all know can cause a hangover. Therefore, if you eat a persimmon the morning after having too much to drink, you’ll be able to recover from your hangover faster.

From hangovers to cancer, the persimmon can do more than just effectively prevent these ailments from happening, as it actually works immediately and effectively against edema and constipation.

The persimmon is a kind fruit that can help us get over a number of familiar ailments.

I personally like the gelatinous part around the seed the best. I just can’t get enough!