Proverb of food #008

Mochi ha Mochiya

Mochi ha mochiya is a proverb that means “every man knows his own business best.” Literally translated this says you should only buy mochi (sticky rice cake) from a mochi shop.

There are also other proverbs that use the word mochi. One is iken to mochi wa, tsuku-hodo nereru, or “an opinion and rice cake can be well kneaded, if fully pounded,” which means gain is had by following the opinion of others. Another is e ni egaita mochi, which means a “plan may be perfect, but it’s nothing without execution,” or more simply pie in the sky.

Today, this probably translates better as web ha web-ya, or you should connect to the Internet through an Internet provider.

We hope to coin the phrase washoku ha Wannameshi, or Wannameshi is the place to learn about Japanese food.